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    GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner v9.0.20090709


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    GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner v9.0.20090709 Empty GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner v9.0.20090709

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    GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner v9.0.20090709 GFILANguardNetworkSecurityScanner_wm
    The #1 Network Security Scanner and Vulnerability Management Solution. GFI LANguard™️ is the award-winning network and security scanner used by over 20,000 customers. We scan your network and ports to detect, assess and correct security vulnerabilities with minimal administrative effort. As an administrator, you have to deal separately with problems related to vulnerability issues, patch management and network auditing, at times using multiple products. However, with GFI LANguard these three cornerstones of vulnerability management are addressed in one package. We give you a complete picture of your network set-up and help you to maintain a secure network state faster and more effectively.
    Vulnerability Management GFI LANguard performs network scans using vulnerability check databases based on OVAL and SANS Top 20, providing over 15,000 vulnerability assessments when your network, including any virtual environment, is scanned. GFI LANguard allows you to analyze the state of your network security and take action before it is compromised.
    Patch Management
    When a network scan is complete, GFI LANguard’s Patch Management gives you what you need to effectively deploy and manage patches on all machines across different Microsoft operating systems and products in 38 languages. Not only can you automatically download missing Microsoft security updates, but you can also automatically deploy the missing Microsoft patches or service-packs throughout your network at the end of scheduled scans.
    Network Auditing
    GFI LANguard’s Network Auditing tells you all you need to know about your network by retrieving hardware information on memory, processors, display adapters, storage devices, motherboard details, printers, and ports in use. Using baseline comparisons you can check whether any hardware was added or removed since the last scan. GFI LANguard will identify and report unauthorized software installations and provide alerts or even automatically uninstall unauthorized applications.
    Why use GFI LANguard?
    Powerful network, security and port scanner with network auditing capabilities Over 15,000 vulnerability assessments carried out across your network, including virtual environment Reduces the total cost of ownership by centralizing vulnerability scanning, Patch Management and Network Auditing Automated options help to retain a secure network state with minimal administrative effort Network-wide auditing functions provides a complete picture of network and port security set-up #1 Windows commercial security scanner (voted by Nmap users for two years running) and Best of TechEd 2007 (security)
    Top Features
    • Identify security vulnerabilities and take remedial action • Detect Virtual Machines • Automatic remediation of unauthorized applications • Automatic deployment of network-wide patch and service pack management • Easily analyze and filter scan results
    Other Features
    • Custom vulnerability checks • Extensive, industrial-strength vulnerabilities database • Ensures that third party security applications such as anti-virus and anti-spyware offer optimum protection • Easily creates different types of scans and vulnerability tests • Open ports: GFI LANguard scans for unnecessary open ports and checks that no port hijacking is in force • Remote desktop connection • Deploys custom or third party software and patches network-wide • Extended hardware auditing facility • Automatically receive alerts of new security holes • Check if security auditing is enabled network-wide • Scan and retrieve OS data from Linux systems • Monitoring Dashboard • Multiply the value of GFI LANguard with powerful reporting • Helps to comply with PCI DSS and other regulations …and more.



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